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  1. Definitions and General Provisions
    1. Definitions and general rules is a site that allows for creating photo galleries and publishing them on internet auctions (Aukro, eBay).
    2. The present Rules apply to the site available under the domain of, hereinafter referred to as Service. The Rules are available under the address: The Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes to the Rules after publishing it under the above address.
    3. The Owner and the Administrator of the Service is EBROS Mariusz Rosa, ul. Olimpijska 27, 05-220 Zielonka, Poland, hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.
    4. The term of use of the Service is the acceptance of the User's Rules. In order to use the Service, it is required neither to register nor to supply any personal data.
    5. Registration is optional and allows access to additional functions of the Service.
    6. The data supplied by the User is processed by the Administrator for the needs of the Service. The supplied data is not passed to third parties. The User is entitled to view, amend and delete the supplied data.
    7. The User assents to accept all legal obligations and court costs in the case of a third party taking legal action against the Administrator, resulting from the User's actions in the Service.
    8. While using the Service, cookie files, that are required for proper implementation of the Service by the Administrator, are saved on the User's computer.

  2. Terms of Use
    1. The User is entitled to use the Service in any way that is in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Service, the Polish law, good morals and social norms.
    2. The User is entitled to create galleries and publish photographs that are of the User's authorship or if the author has given permission for processing their photographs and they do not violate the regulations of the Polish law, social norms, religious feelings and third parties' rights, as well as other Users' rights.
    3. The User is entitled to post a gallery created using the Service on their auction, Website, blog and other places on the Internet, but only using the HTML code generated by the Service. Modifying the code, deleting its fragments, embedding photos different than thumbnails (hotlinking) is not allowed.
    4. The Service stores the photographs uploaded by the Users as long as they are in use. The photographs are deleted if a given gallery has not been used (has not been visited) for 2 months.
    5. The User can contact the Administrator by using the form posted on the Contact site (
    6. Creation, edition and publication of photo galleries within a free account is free of charge.
    7. There is a possibility of extending the functionality of the account by upgrading to a "Plus+" account. The cost of the upgrade is regulated by the price list. Upgrading to a "Plus+" account is not compulsory.

  3. Administration of the Service
    1. The Administrator is not responsible for:
      1. content published by Users on the Service,
      2. proper operation of the Service's functions,
      3. results of improper use of the Service by its Users,
      4. loss of content posted by the User and possible material losses caused by the fact,
    2. The Administrator reserves the right to:
      1. shut down the Service without notice,
      2. introduce changes to available functionalities, as well as delete them,
      3. cease to provide services, after a previous notice to the Users on the Service.