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How to make a good photo gallery for auction?

Good looking photo gallery of offered items may be decisive in sales process. Therefore, it is really important to take
care of its adequate look.

When taking the pictures we should pay attention mainly to the background (if it fits the subject or not covers the details we want to expose) and lighting conditions - built-in flash lights of digital cameras can often create shadows on the pictures, which make the photo very aesthetic . When shooting we can also use more and more popular sets for shadow-free photographs.

We should also remember to frame the photos before we decide to include them in our gallery.

When our photos are ready to upload to the auctions, we can move on to creating the gallery - settings applied here can
also affect the presence of the object.

Depending on what kind of auction model we have, we should choose the settings that fits it the best. We can create a gallery with shadow or decide about corner style of the gallery.

At our disposal there are also several configurations of layout and size of the thumbnails - including the recently introduced - thumbnails from the side.

The available settings allow us to use any colour configuration. We have to only remember that mostly the best solution is using neutral colours (e.g. shades of white) to do not disturb the object perception. We also encourage to choose framing with crop - it can help to get rid of the margins.

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